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Accessibility Policy

Ultimate Custom Coins believes our website should be accessible for all persons. We have taken steps to accomplish this.  Some of these steps are described below.

However, if you have difficulty in accessing our website, please let us know so we can fix the issue, help you navigate the site, or answer any questions that you have.

You can contact us by e-mail at, use our Contact Form, or call us at 888-489-0998.

  • Our website can be navigated by the use of the keyboard.  A mouse is not needed

  • All images have alt text descriptions

  • All videos are short in duration, have no audio, and have alt text descriptions

  • Pages, headings, forms, and other items have descriptive text

  • We use only black & white text

  • Our content has the proper contrast ratio

  • Our content can be easily resized

  • Our website is designed in an easy to navigate manner

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