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Buyer Reviews

The following are some of the comments taken from the Kickstarter comment page of Dice Coins:  2018 2nd Release.  

Dan Webb

Got my coins two days ago. These roll more fair than my Gamescience dice. LOL Love the new artwork!

Heather Baker 

I wanted to let you know that the coins were a hit. They look great.


Arrived in Sweden today! Love them!

Kris Bultereys

I just got my coins now and love them. Good and solid, you can easily see the number you picked and not no more noise of dice rolling on glass table (just use a piece of felt of balsa wood to avoid possible scratches in the table.


Yay! Received mine just in time ... morning of Dec 24st and they are absolutely stunning!!! 

Phillip Bailey

Just recived my pack here in Kent. All the images dont do the physical coins justice.

Lukas Buergi

And daaaaiummm do the photos and videos not do them justice! These coins are absolutely gorgeous!

Oh, and I tried them on different surfaces, including different mats. They spun perfectly fine on most mats. Only one full gum that wasn't really meant for gaming anyway gave it any problems. But even there some playing around until I had technique down left me with a perfectly usable spin.

Eric Serviss

These coins look even better in person than in the photos! So glad I backed this campaign!

Karen M. Hansen-Morgan

I have to add my voice to all of those previous posters; these coins are AMAZING. So much nicer than I imagined. 

IronTerror 58

Arrived in southern Ontario awhile ago for me. Love them, the quality is superb. Defenitally gonna back the next project. Hopefully, I can grab some extra coins.


Sooooo beauty! 100% recommended. I can't wait for your next works!


Just received a box full today, these are stunningly beautiful!!!  They really add a whole new degree of fun to existing games. Thanks!


Received my coins today and they look amazing, totally worth it and spin great on pretty much every surface i tried them on.

Jesse Mclellan

These dice coins are amazing! The art just pops out from the coin. So much more then a picture shows. Awesome job! Def going to be keeping an eye on any future dice coin projects of yours. They have just enough weight, artwork is awesome, easy to spin, numbers are clear. Can’t wait to bring them to my next games night and wow everyone haha.

Gonzalo A. Brusella

Got my coins... They are Epically great... Very well made and the weight is just right.


I must say, the coins look even greater in person. They are just amazing. :)

Eric F

I've received my coins and they are amazing. They are heavy, great and spin well. Congratulations for your job.

Chris S

Got mine, fantastic!

Andrew Ferguson

Mine just dropped through the letterbox with a satisfying clunk here in London. They look awesome! Was going to give some as gifts but now want to hog them all to myself.


Needless to say I'm super happy!!!

Like all other backers I'm really impressed with the feel and quality!


Arrived Liverpool. Couldn't be happier these are quality and want to buy more!


Busted my dice coins out at D&D at my local gaming pub, and people loved them. Owner should be contacting (once he's done unpacking/sorting/repacking for distribution his own kickstartered game!) to get some ordered with the pub logo on them!

Stephanie O

I'm really impressed with the coins, they have a nice weight and the detail is really amazing. So glad I backed this campaign.

Adam Evans

J.M. Ward, these coins exceed my expectations and I couldnt be happier.

Richard Novy

I received my coins earlier this week: they're outstanding! They operate well, and look fantastic! Well done and thanks for all your efforts!

Daniel Farris

Got my coins a couple days ago, and I'm extremely impressed with them, and they exceeded my already lofty expectations.

Allan Rousselle

Greetings from Seattle, WA, USA! I received my dice coins a few days ago, and they are stunning. The depth of the images on the coins is far greater than the renders suggested, and the artwork truly shines. These are truly well done!


Got my coins today! <3 Best. Christmas. Ever.

Daniel Leonard

I received my coins a couple days ago and I am *blown away* by the size, detail, and quality of them! Thank you and great job!

David Anderson

The coins are astounding! Had I know they would be this cool, I would have ordered more.

James Sander-Cederlof

These are way better than I imagined.

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