Dice Coins

Common side of a Dice Coin

What are Dice Coins?

Dice Coins was created by Joe Ward who is the owner of Ultimate Custom Coins.  The current version was introduced on Kickstarter in 2018.  It quickly became one of the most popular coin projects ever with over 35,000 coins sold in TWO months.  It has received fantastic reviews from buyers from across the world.  

Dice Coins are now available to the general public from this website and gaming stores across the world.

They are a different take on dice that combine elements of coins and dice so you can generate random numbers by spinning the coin and stopping it with your finger.

Dice Coins are primarily used in role playing games and board games.  Individual Dice Coins correspond to all the standard RPG dice from d4 - d20.  However, they can also do odd numbers such as d3 or d5, utilize letters, or other symbols.  

They work just as well as regular gaming dice but allow amazing 3D sculpted artwork to be displayed on each coin. They can also be used as rotatable stat counters and game markers.

  • Designed to military challenge coin standards.

  • Coins are made from a solid zinc alloy metal.

  • Each coin weighs almost 2 ounces.

  • Coins are 2 inches (50.8 mm) in diameter.

  • Coins are about 4 mm thick.

How do they work?

The common side of the coin has a knob molded into the metal. Players use one or two hands to spin the coin like a top. Once the coin is spinning at full speed (which just takes a second), the player puts their finger at the bottom of the coin and stops it. The result is the first completely visible number, letter, or word to the left of the player's finger. See the photos and videos below.

They spin on almost anything you would roll a dice on such as tables, gaming play mats, notebooks, etc.  See FAQ for more info.

Dice Coins Spinning Demo
Dice Coins Spinning Demostration

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